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Chimney Services

Chimney Service
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Chimney service you can trust. Still Smoking Chimney Service’ Free Chimney Sweep Estimate is here to help you make the most well-informed decisions on your chimney servicing. Your FREE estimate will determine whether your chimney requires maintenance or servicing and to the estimate of cost. A chimney needs to be regularly cleaned for it to function efficiently. Chimney inspection is important to do annually. Don’t wait and beat the rush Call 778-918-6857 NOW
Still Smoking Chimney Service Tip:
Ashes from your ash pit can be added to your compost pile.

Chimney Cleaning

Guaranteed NO MESS cleaning. We use a high efficient vacuum with a HEPA filter and new drop sheet for every chimney we clean. 


Chimney Cap

Leaks, animals, stray embers We will make sure your chimney cap is in perfect working order. Or suggest if your chimney is in need of protection.

Chimney Inspection

Chimney and fireplace inspection is important to do annually. You run the risk of gas leaking into the home or a chimney fire if not inspected regularly,

Leak Specialists

Cracks in the crown, deteriorating masonry, flashing an unsecure cap or no cap. All contribute to leaky chimneys. We can help before it causes major damage.

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