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Chimney Anatomy

The Foundation

Like any structure the chimney requires a foundation. The foundation is part of the home when built, but not always.

Ash Dump

The ash dump is the space beneath the firebox, it is where ashes can cool. A chimney sweep can remove these ashes as needed through a cleanout door near the foundation.


The hearth is the floor of the fireplace which usually extends from the back of the fireplace out into the room a bit and is made of a particular firebrick that protects against heat transfer from the fire.


The firebox is the space where the fire sits and burns. It endures the highest temperatures for the longest periods but receives the least attention. Made of firebricks and refractory mortar.


The damper is a mechanism, usually made of metal, installed at the top of the firebox and opens and closes the flue opening. Closing the damper limits the air movement, through the chimney system. Opening the damper, allows air to flow freely.

Smoke Chamber

The smoke chamber is the space above the firebox it is so named because this is where the particles and gases mingle with the heat to rise up the chimney. Shaped like an inverted funnel to direct smoke upward and into the flue. The smoke shelf sits below the smoke chamber, designed to prevent smoke from drawing back into the firebox and into the home.


The flue is the interior vent by which smoke and gases travel out of the home. Covering the flue with a liner that keeps heat and corrosive chemicals from damaging or moving through the masonry and gives it a seamless, smooth surface for optimum airflow.

Masonry Crown

The top of the chimney is a ceiling that extends from the flue opening to the edge of the chimney. Made out of durable material that can withstand harsh temperatures, sunlight, and precipitation. It is also made at a slant so that water runs away from the flow and onto a drip edge, where it drips down onto the flashing at the roof instead of running down the masonry.

Chimney Cap

The chimney cap is the roof of the chimney system. It keeps water, animals, wind, and weather out. The cap is necessary to prevent chimney water damage and animal intrusion. Often made of copper or stainless steel.

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Damper before cleaning
Damper after cleaning

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