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Some common chimney problems are: chimney obstruction, creosote, brickwork and flue cracks, chimney crown and cap, animals, odors and smoking.


A common problem is many types of pests and animals find ways to make your chimney home. If they can find a way in, then they’ll often get stuck inside the chimney flue. Raccoons are one of many wild animals that LOVE Chimneys, but stay away for your own safety! They may look cute to some but these critters can come with a nasty case of rabies or other viral infectious diseases!

Any pest or creature can crawl into your venting systems but some are more common that others in our local midwestern area.

Types of animals we see most often get stuck in chimneys:


Racoons inside chimney flue

Chimney Leaks

Cracks in the crown – Typical common problem is the crown is not sealed to prevent water leakage.
Deteriorated masonry – Gaps or cracks in the masonry or mortar may cause water to enter the flue. Masonry repairs or a vapor-permeable brick sealant can be partial remedies to water leakage problems.
Deteriorated flashing – Flashing should be repaired or replaced in this instance.
Learn about Chimney Leaks Repair and Water Condensation and how we can help stop the leak before it causes major damage!

Chimney leak onto ceiling

Chimney Odors

Is your fireplace chimney draft problem the common cause for stinky odors in your home? Check out the other fireplace issues that can cause your home to smell like a campfire.

Water could be getting into your flue. Wet creosote is much more pungent than dry creosote. Much like a wet ashtray is much smellier than a dry one.

Odor from the chimney

Chimney Smoking

Make sure the fireplace damper is open before starting a fire. Non-functional or stuck dampers can be the cause of smoking problems.
A cold flue may have to be “preheated”. This can be accomplished by priming the flue with a rolled-up newspaper. Light one end, hold it way up in the damper opening. Let it burn down always and drop it on the logs to finish burning. This may need to be done twice. As the draft reverses, the warm flue gases will begin to move up the flue. Some basement fireplaces won’t respond to preheating.

Fireplace smoke entering the home

Dirty chimneys can cause chimney fires

Were here to help when it comes to maintaining your fireplace, always trust the professionals and never forgo your regular maintenance.

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