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Chimney Damper

Chimney Damper

A damper is an integral part of your chimney. It is important it is in good operating condition so that air cannot freely pass through the damper doors when they are closed. It should be opened before lighting a fire so that combustion gases can escape. When a fireplace is not in use, the damper should be closed to operate as a “seal.” Otherwise, cold air can enter the home. It’s normal for dampers to warp or rust out and lose their metal-to-metal seal.

One that does not work properly, allows cold air from outside into the room along with any wildlife that enters the chimney. It can be adjusted to allow drafts so the fire operator to adjust the amount of air the fire gets so that it will burn efficiently. A chimney damper in poor condition will do a poor job of keeping the chimney working well.

Common Problems

Because dampers are located where smoke and combustion byproducts collect, they will be affected by their environment. Here are some common problems that homeowners experience.

Soot and creosote can create a buildup that affects its ability to operate.
Moisture can make cast iron to rust and deteriorate.
Excessive heat buildup can warp the original shape keeping it from functioning properly.
Debris and wildlife nests can clog and cause malfunction.
Previous owners may have removed it.

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Chimney damper
Damper after cleaning

Optimal maintenance of the damper is important

The damper is an important part of your wood fireplace chimney. This important chimney part protects against strong drafts while also helping to control temperature loss.